Some Mini 6mm Troops Drop In For Age Of Tyrants

August 13, 2014 by brennon

Age of Tyrants is going to be heading to Kickstarter in September from Myriad Miniatures and features a whole bunch of neat looking 6mm troops making war on the tabletop! What do you make of some of their miniature previews so far...

Interdicts On Foot


Viridian Marines

Viridian Support Marines

Viridians with Heavy Weapons

Above are some of the Interdicts that look to have rather cool jetpacks and then below are Veridian Troopers with a range of heavy weapons and basic rifles. The actual sculpting, at this level, is very good indeed and you can see plenty of detail despite how minute everything is!

This could well be something to keep an eye on as September rolls around.

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