Roll To Conquer Japan With Fantasy Flight’s Age Of War

February 25, 2014 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have previewed a new game over on their website called Age of War. This dice game for two to six players sees you leading your clan to victory in the hope of uniting all of Japan under one rule.

Age of War Cover

Age of War Contents

On your turn you will be taking your dice and mustering an army. With the dice at your disposal showing infantry, archers, cavalry and generals you can then match them against a given castle and take it as your own.

You can either attack neutral castles or try and take on an enemies, robbing them of their control. The game ends when all the castles have been conquered and victory points are awarded for each. Owning all of a particular clan nets you extra points as well! The person with the most is deemed the winner and new leader of Japan.

It sounds pretty simple and fun so it will be neat to check this one out more.

Does it sound fun to you?

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