A Deadly Samurai Girl Leaps Into Action From Albino Raven

December 13, 2015 by brennon

Albino Raven have added a new 75mm scale sculpt to their collection for painters and hobbyists to get stuck into. Here we have the Samurai Girl winding up for a slice with her deadly katana...

Samurai Girl (Close)

As you can see by the close up they've done a pretty good job of giving her a dangerous expression as she winds up for a fatal strike. I like the mix of her flowing attire and the additional armour added to her arm. Think 'jilted bride' from the head dress too maybe?

Samurai Girl

I kind of would want to paint her up as Uma Thurman's character from Kill Bill. Maybe she got her revenge a little earlier than planned?

Will you be making this one of your new projects?

"Think 'jilted bride' from the head dress too maybe?"

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