Two New Mech Suits Power Up From Albino Raven Miniatures

August 3, 2015 by brennon

If you liked the look of the previous Mech Suit we showed you from Albino Raven Miniatures, the Purifier, then you'll certainly like the look of it's smaller siblings with the rocket armed RX-505 and the melee focused RX-807...

RX 505

You can see it here flanked by two of the Purifier miniatures. Armed with rockets it provides a more powerful ranged option for you on the battlefield in whatever game you might want to take it in. Each of these sculpts is around 95mm in size and cast in resin.

RX 505 (Alt)

If you prefer the idea of getting up close and personal then you might want to dive in and check out the RX-807 instead. This version of the mech comes with a big clamping claw and a buzzing chainblade of some kind which will rip and tear through flesh and armour alike.

RX 807

In terms of where you could fit these models into your collection the obvious answer is for Warhammer 40,000. These would make interesting mechs/walkers for Chaos or indeed Adeptus Mechanicus.

What do you think?

"Each of these sculpts is around 95mm in size and cast in resin..."

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