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AvP The Hunt Begins Now Available For Prodos Pre-Order


The Aliens, Predators and Marines have been shown off by Prodos Games who have finally come together to be ready for pre-orders.

Alien Vs Predator : The Hunt Begins Soon Available From Prodos


The Alien Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins game is coming VERY soon from Prodos. The final signatures are in and the game can begin production which means that you’ll soon be able to pick it up from them…

Weekender: Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator & Inside Imperial Assault!


Great News For Prodos Games As AvP Gets Greenlight (Mostly)


Are you excited that we could actually be seeing Alien Vs Predator coming out sooner rather than later?

Prodos Games Lay Out Their Sprues For Alien Vs Predator


See how work is progressing on the Alien Vs Predator sprues for Prodos Games’ deadly miniatures game of hunt or be hunted!

Prodos Show Off The Innards Of Alien Vs Predator!


Prodos Games have turned on their scanners and delved deep into an infested installation somewhere in the depths of space to bring you these images of the inside of Alien Vs Predator!

Prodos Games Sneak A Peek At The Box For Alien Vs Predator!


Prodos Games have cracked open the box, and only the box, for the upcoming Alien Vs Predator game that is coming soon! Marines, Aliens and of course Predators will be fighting it out across some very nice looking tiles.

Prodos Games Show Off Predators & Commandos For AvP


See what you make of a few more renders making their way onto the internet about the Alien Vs Predator game from Prodos Games. It’s shaping up nicely!

Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator Miniatures Head To Titan Games


Delve into the world of xenomorphs, predators and marines as Prodos Games showed off a bunch of their miniatures for the Alien Vs Predator Game.

A New Queen Reigns Over Alien vs Predator


A new monarch has been crowned in Alien vs Predator the Miniatures Game as we get our first tentative glimpses at the long awaited Alien Queen.

Predastore Unleash Their Wild Snow Hunter Predator


The snow hides a deadly adversary who is looking to hunt and kill on a world of ice. Predastore have done themselves proud!

Fight Off the Aliens with the Iconic Powerloader


Get away from her you… Well you get the idea. That’s right one of the most iconic elements of the Aliens franchise could be appearing in the Aliens vs Predators Miniatures Game. None other than Ripley’s mighty Powerloader.

Check Out The Young Ones Of Alien Vs Predator


Some Young Bloods are entering the world of Alien Vs Predator looking to prove themselves on the battlefield.

Alien vs Predator Shows Off Its Latest Trophies


One thing a Predator seems to love even more than a good hunt is the trophies they get from them, so it isn’t surprising that a couple of these trophies have turned up on the Alien vs Predator Kickstarter.

AvP Gets Crushed by the Latest Stretch Goal


The Aliens vs Predators Miniatures Game has seen a phenomenal level of success on Kickstarter, so much so that their next stretch goal aims at creating something pretty big; a giant Xenomorph Crusher!

An Eggcellent Stretch Goal Has Been Reached for AvP


The Alien movies (at least the good ones) are characterised by a slow build up towards the horrifying monsters and no sight is more ominous at the beginning than the Alien eggs. We all know what will be happening next when they show up and now they’ve appeared on Kickstarter.

Our Top 5 Stretch Goals of AvP


The Alien vs Predator Kickstarter continues bursting upwards like a chest burster freshly born from John Hurt, which means more and more stretch goals are getting unlocked.

The Kickstarter Hunt of AvP Has Begun


Last night Prodos Games set their new Kickstarter for the Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game live and already have succeeded in blasting through their funding goal.

The Hunt of AvP Begins Tomorrow!


Prodos Games have announced that the exciting new Aliens vs Predators Miniatures Game should hopefully be appearing on Kickstarter on the 8th November. In other words, we only have to wait until tomorrow.

Prodos Bring the Battle of Alien and Predator to Kickstarter


Prodos Games have just put out a new preview image showing off some of the variants in their upcoming Predator minis, along with the exciting news that the Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game will soon be heading to Kickstarter.

Get Close Up to the Aliens of AvP


Prodos Games have just put out a new preview image bringing us up close to some of Xenomorph variants who will soon be eating your brains in the Aliens vs Predator Miniatures Game.