Prodos Bring The Classic AvP To The Tabletop!

October 10, 2013 by brennon

Prodos Games, the folks who bought you the resurrected and amazing looking Warzone, are ready for a whole new project bringing another classic to the tabletop. This time it's Aliens Vs Predators!

Prodos AvP

This sneak peek was released on Dakka Dakka and shows off one of the Xenomorphs, a Predator and finally a very determined looking Marine. It will be very cool to see exactly how this works out but it would seem like they have actually got the license to work on some awesome miniatures here and hopefully an epic game.

It will be awesome to see how this three way showdown develops. There is more incoming so watch this space! Thanks to Siygess for bringing this to our attention!

Dakka Dakka Link

Does this sound epic to you?

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