Prodos Bring the Clash of Aliens vs Predator to the Tabletop

October 25, 2013 by dracs

The 80's firmly cemented two extra terrestrials as some of cinemas most feared monsters, since when they have killed us and they have killed one another. Now Prodos Games are bringing their battles to the tabletop. Get ready for Aliens vs Predator the Miniatures Game!

Whoever wins, we lose.


The facebook page for this awesome new miniatures game has just gone up and already we have seen some sweet looking miniatures are in the works.

Alien Infant Warriors

Alien Stalkers

In the films the Xenomorphs always held the advantage in terms of numbers so it is cool to see that there will be different types of the alien to contend with.

Meanwhile, in the blue corner, the Predator's are gearing up with their high tech weaponry to give them an edge over these ultimate killing machines.

Predator WIP


I am heartened to see this franchise being brought to miniature form by Prodos Games. These guys have done a spectacular job with Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection and the miniatures shown for the AVP game look, if anything, even better.

Still no word on whether or not there will be any humans joining in on this grudge match, but let's face it in these films we are essentially the universe's red shirts. Unless your name happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sigourney Weaver.

Would you field the terrifying Aliens? Or will you join the hunt as a fearsome Predator?

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