Alien Dungeon’s Martian Tripods Invade Paper Terrain

June 19, 2014 by dracs

All Quiet on the Martian Front has been released, sending Martian tripods fighting human steam tanks all across our tabletops. But something is missing from this alien invasion. How about some terrain pieces from the folks at Paper Terrain?

American House Pack

Paper Terrain have become the official terrain creators for Alien Dungeon's new game of H. G. Wells-ian scifi conflict and have since created a bunch of pretty good pieces that will allow you to create the battlefields of America.

American City Ruins

American Farmstead

American Farmstead 1

American City

These terrain pieces are available as either sets with which to make the bases of your battlefield, or as individual components.

Picket Fence

Modular Concrete Bridge

Modular Stone Bridge

Post and Rail Fence

These different terrain pieces are excellent for building the battlefields of a game which could take place in any setting that you might expect to find in 1910's America. Paper Terrain have succeeded in creating a number of sets with a good deal of variety, that you will be able to bring together to form the perfect environment for your Martian invasion.

Have you gone to the Martian Front?

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