The Molelocks Begin Undermining the Martian Front

May 1, 2014 by dracs

All Quiet on the Martian Front is currently up for pre-order, but that doesn't mean Alien Dungeon are relaxing their work as they show off the concept for the subterranean Molelocks.

Molelock Concept

Behold the hideous Molelocks, a subterranean troglodyte race of hideous mole people. Looks like another of H. G. Wells' science fiction stories is being drawn upon for this one.

So far I think that the concept looks really interesting, although the model itself could use a little work. The inclusion of the Molelocks into this highly mechanised field of combat is an intriguing one, and I look forward to seeing what sort of effect they will have on the game.

Have you joined the Martian Front?

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