Fight In An Alternative Civil War On Kickstarter!

April 29, 2014 by brennon

If you're a big fan of the American Civil War era then you might want to check out this Alternative Civil War take on the period from Ghost Train Games. See what you think of the factions and game itself...


ACW Gameplay

The game is a skirmish level clash between the forces of the North and South as well as the Spanish and the Native Americans as well. The game runs off alternative activation and uses the mighty D20 for your rolls! If you'd like to check out the rules see what you think of them HERE.





Each of the factions has a bundled Kickstarter package that will help you get started in the game and has plenty of funky looking models within it. The North and the South have already got some pretty neat looking models on offer but the Spanish and Natives might be a winner with their slightly more quirky figures.

I think this is worth giving a look for an alternative take on the American Civil War.

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