Anarchy Show You How To Craft An Airbrushed Dungeon!

November 10, 2014 by brennon

Anarchy Models High Speed Stencils Kickstarter aren't just for use on miniatures it seems. In an in depth video, which you can view above, Brian takes you through the steps needed to create some really cool looking Dungeon Tiles using the stencils on offer. You'll end up with something like this...

Dungeon Creator Stencils

Not bad at all right?! In the video Brian goes into detail and...

  • Shows what the Dungeon Creator stencils include
  • Shows use of a sponge for the main tiles, as well as the airbrush.
  • Paints all the elements of the stencil, including optional cracks, a well, stairs an a small drain.
  • Creating your own modular dungeon
  • Cleaning a HS stencil
  • Shows a small finished dungeon at the end

...and the fact that he's using a sponge for some of this as well is an interesting change from the airbrush with similar results. Give this one a watch if you're interested in some alternative ways of using your airbrush.

What do you think of the end result?

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