A Bloodthirsty Pirate Jumps Ship From Andrea Miniatures

October 1, 2013 by brennon

We don't usually look at these big models from companies like Andrea Miniatures but this one was pretty damn fantastic. See what you think of Gor'tahg The Bloodthirsty ready to terrorise the high seas...

Gor’Tagh, The Bloodthirsty (Front)

Gor’Tagh, The Bloodthirsty (Side)

Gor’Tagh, The Bloodthirsty (Rear)

Now THAT is a pretty impressive 75mm greenskinned pirate. This massive piece of artwork comes in eleven pieces of both white metal and resin and you can either have a crack at it yourself or get them to paint it up for you in high quality. It costs a lot more but if you just want it as a display piece I guess it's worth it.

I love the massive amount of attention to detail on the entire model from the positioning of his feet all the way up to his snarling maw. I think they have done a superb job on the design here.

Would you be brave enough to dive on this one and give it the paint job it deserves?

Drop a comment below!

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