Anima Tactics Gets Cursed Archer October In July!

June 23, 2014 by brennon

As strange as that sounds it's actually accurate. The cursed archer for Anima Tactics, October, is coming to the tabletop in July. So essentially autumn is coming early and this assassin is out to murder so he himself can keep on living...


The miniature itself isn't as delicate and spindly as the artwork but that's probably because it would just fall apart if they did that. I like the idea of the character and the look of him combined with the story is very anime and in keeping with their world.

He has a little case of foot-on-rock syndrome but apart from that I don't think this is a bad character at all. It's a shame that I don't hear many people talking about this game but maybe I'm wrong and it has a loyal following!

If you play Anima Tactics let me know!

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