Cipher Add Two Heroes and a Monster to Anima Tactics

October 22, 2012 by dracs

Cipher have announced the release of three new miniatures for Anima Tactics, including one which has to be one of the strangest and most twisted creatures in the range.

First up we have Kira.


Gah! No, not that Kira. This one is a far more pleasing miniature, though no less dangerous.

Anima Tactics - Kira

Along with this lovely lady we have Frederick Adler, possessor of a cool cape and awesome shoulder pads, that for once in wargaming don't look like they could crush his head when he lifts his arms.

Anima Tactics - Frederick Adler

Finally, we get to a true monster of a mini. Check out the sinister and stylish Type-020: Verrier.

Anima Tactics - Type-020 Verrier

This is a great miniature, from the protruding spine to the tortured form of the woman which makes up the thing. This is a truly maddening creature, which would be a brilliant monster even outside of Anima Tactics.

Cipher Studios have also announced that, to celebrate Halloween this month, they are offering a 25 % at their web store until the 31st of October.

Cipher Studios Trick or Treat

So if you want to get your hands on any Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado stuff now is the time to head over to Cipher's Website.

How do you think these sculpts look? Are they stylish and well executed? Or do you think there are parts which could be improved upon?

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