Cipher Takes Anima Tactics to Church

June 5, 2012 by dracs

Cipher have started shipping out some new stuff for Anima Tactics, including one lovely young lady named Anna Never and the Church Boxed set to get you started in ecclesiastical matters.

First lets meet Anna Never.

Cipher - Anna Never

The young merchant Anna Never is a complete mystery. As she travels around Gaia she seems to unconsciously position herself to be involved with major issues and problems facing the world. Additionally she has exhibited martial abilities unheard of for a girl of her age an apparent lack of training to possess.

Cipher - Anna Never Card

Then of course we have the new starter set to help get you set out on the righteous road of religion in Anima Tactics.

Cipher - Church Starter Set

In this box set you will find these key members of the Church:

Alis Testarossa

Cipher - Alis Testarossa


Cipher - Azriel

Grey Rhodes

Cipher - Grey


Cipher - Luzbell


Cipher - Nero


Cipher - Xavier

Definitely not the sort of people you might expect to find in your average church, but then Anima Tactics doesn't exactly do average.

Are there any budding church members here?

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