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Take the Gift of Magic in Anima: Beyond Fantasy


Fantasy Flight have previewed an upcoming supplement for the role playing game Anima: Beyond Fantasy to allow you to truly get to grips with the possibilities of magic.

Church Agents and Anime Knights from Anima Tactics


Anima Tactics gets some new reinforcements.

Morrigan and Wrath of Nature Join Anima Tactics


Cipher Studios have shipped out two new impressive miniatures for their Anima Tactics range.

Cipher Studios Latest Anima Tactics Minis


Cipher Studios have released two new miniatures for the Black Sun faction in Anima Tactics.

Video Game For Anima Tactics


Fantasy Flight Games are bringing out a new video game based on the world of the RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Announcing Anima: Ark of Sinners!

Fantasy Flight Release New Anima Sourcebook


Fantasy Flight Games have a new source book for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, the roleplaying game set in the same world as the skirmish game Anima Tactics.

Anima Tactics in the Spotlight


Andy & Justin take a look at the anime inspired skirmish game, Anima Tactics.

Cipher Go To GenCon


Cipher Studios, makers of Anima Tactics and Hel Dorado, will be present at this years GenCon and will be giving you the chance to get your hands on some exclusive miniatures.