Another World Take Their Heroic Sculpts To IndieGoGo

December 2, 2014 by brennon

Another World Miniatures are already selling some of this range of miniatures but they're looking for funding to produce more through a new IndieGoGo Campaign. See what you think of their existing heroes and one of those yet to come...



Star Girl

As well as their heroes above that span Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk they're also looking to fund the mighty Grusha that you can see below. When we looked at these miniatures before I was a big fan of Kalita in particular where they'd worked well on the detail.


The sculpts aren't too bad at all even if they do fall into the stereotypes that we're used to seeing when we look at women in miniatures. Still, I think Grusha is a great change from their previous sculpts with more dynamism.

Keep an eye on this one as they have a modest target and some of their sculpts really are quite neat looking.

What do you think?

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