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Antenociti’s Workshop Previews First Cast Of US IMF Kestrel


Antenociti’s Workshop has been working away on some stunning vehicles recently and one of them is this US IMF Kestrel.

Antenociti’s Workshop Rolls Out The Wolverine Tank WiP


World War II tanks are cool, but Sci-Fi tanks are cooler. Sorry, John. When you see this WiP from Antenociti’s Workshop you’ll understand what I mean.

Check Out Mighty New Sci-Fi Ships From Antenocitis Workshop


Some grand new ships have been added to the Antenocitis Workshop webstore. If you like Battlecruisers, Carriers, Superheavies and more, these are some very swish looking ships.

Antenociti’s Workshop Give First Look At Their Roc Dropship


Antenociti’s Workshop has previewed a proper first look at their finished Roc Dropship. As Dropships go, this is looking rather awesome.

More Cars Get Wrecked By Antenociti’s Workshop


Antenociti’s Workshop has shown off some more of their smashed up vehicles that can be used for all manner of games.

Antenociti’s Workshop Show Off The Finished Bobcat Walker


Antenociti’s Workshop has been showing off the finished render work for the Bobcat Walker as part of their USIMF Kickstarter.

Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter


We talk with Steamforged about
some tactics for the Farmer’s
Guild & More!

Go Diving In Antenociti’s Workshop’s Dumpsters & More


Antenocites Workshop has produced some remarkable terrain pieces to elevate your game to the next level.

Engage In Vehicular Wasteland Mayhem With New Antenocitis Cars


Designed in 28mm scale some new vehicles are coming to the tabletop from Antenociti’s Workshop. Tweaked and tuned to be great wasteland raiding vehicles, these might be for you.

Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?


Welcome to Backstage where we
relax, talk about what hobby we’ve
been up to and discuss some topics
maybe you’d like to feedback on.

Write-Off Your Car With Antenocitis’ New Ruined Terrain


Antenocitis’ Workshop has added some neat new terrain pieces to their collection with four Ruined Cars which can be used to adorn your city streets and show a wartorn landscape

Transport Troops In Antenociti’s Warthog Mk I MRAP


Antenociti’s Workshop continue to build on their Sci-Fi vehicle range with the addition of the Warthog Mk I MRAP as it helps you transport troops into the fray.

Antenociti’s Workshop Bring The Skorpion Tank To Battle


Antenociti’s Workshop is bringing a new vehicle into the mix for your Sci-Fi games. Today we have a look at the Skorpion Tank, a hovering vehicle ready to lay down some covering fire…

Hit The Battlefield In The Moksha MRAP From Antenociti’s Workshop


Antenociti’s Workshop has another fantastic Sci-Fi vehicle for you to pick up right now for their Governance Of Technology collection. See what you think of the Moksha MRAP.

Antenociti’s Workshop Promises The “Roc” Dropship Soon


The Haqqislam players of Infinity are about to be really excited with the promise of what’s on the way from Antenociti’s Workshop. The “Roc” will soon bring a dropship for Haqqislam, and it looks SWEET!

Antenociti’s Roc Infinity Dropship Is Taking Shape


Antenociti’s Workshop has shown off some more previews of the new Infinity Dropship they will be taking to Kickstarter soon with the Roc.

Antenociti’s Workshop Fly In On The Artefaktech Efreet


Antenociti’s Workshop has shown off concept art for a new flyer which should be making its way to the tabletop for your games of Infinity. See what you think of the Artefaktech Efreet.

Antenociti’s Workshop Shows Off WIP For Fast Panda Food Truck


Antenociti’s Workshop is showing off some production shots of their Kickstarter Exclusive version of the Fast Panda Food Truck from their recent KS. Your table is going to look great with this creative terrain.

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M


We’ve somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

Head To The Undertown, Antenoctiti’s New Terrain Kickstarter


Antenociti’s Workshop are going to be heading to the Undertown for their new Kickstarter which launches later today.

Antenociti’s Workshop Work On Fast Food & Fast Cars As Next Projects


Antenociti’s Workshop have been tinkering away on their workbench with some more ideas for terrain you can use in your games.

New Grav Tanks Hover Out Of The Antenocitis’ Workshop Store


Antenocitis’ Workshop have shown off two rather splendid looking Sci-Fi vehicles for you to use in your games set in the far future. Here we have the Advocatus and Bucephalus Grav Tanks.

Weekender: Shattered Void Prize, Awesome Infinity Vehicles & New 4Ground Buildings in the Studio


Join us for a great Weekender with a great competition to win yourself a fantastic Shattered Void prize!

Check Out Antenociti’s Brilliant Azure Dragon Yu Jing Dropship


Antenociti’s Workshop have shared both video and images of an amazing Yu Jing Dropship that will be coming to Kickstarter in July.

Antenocitis’ Super-Hawk Drop-Ship Is Looking Ace!


Designed for use within the world of Infinity we have this fantastic Work-In-Progress version of the Super-Hawk Drop-Ship by Antenocitis Workshop. It has been painted up and looks stunning…

Antenocitis “Dropped” A Little Sneak Peek For Infinity Players


You have to love when you’re scrolling along and something catches your eye and shiny syndrome kicks in. Antenocitis Workshop “dropped” a sneak peak of a little something in the works that Yujing players will be pretty excited about.

Antenocitis Show Off Designs For Their Urban Wargaming Mats


Antenocitis have been looking at the idea of expanding on this modular idea that everyone is loving right now. This thought process is going into their Urban Gaming Mat which is going to be modular and work with add-ons and more…

Weekender XLBS: Building Army Background & Making Models Your Own


It’s time to relax with some news from the Beast this week and also a big discussion building army background and making that army your own…

Light Up Those Sci-Fi Streets With Antenocitis Workshop


Antenocitis Workshop continue to reveal the Sci-Fi terrain for Infinity with these Suburban Lampposts. You get four of these in a pack which would be great for changing things up as you play out a night raid…

Enjoy Some Happy Panda Noodles With Antenocitis Workshop


Antenocitis Workshop have made a lot of people happy as they have now released the Happy Panda Noodle Bar which would be perfect for the likes of Infinity and other Sci-Fi games…

Weekender: Talking Kickstarter With Massive Awesome & Micro Art Studio


Welcome to a bumper Weekender where we
have not one but two interviews for you along
with a special pro-painted prize…

Antenocitis Workshop Shows Off Restaurant Terrain Teaser


Looking to add some Far East influence to your gaming table? Antenocitis Workshop has given a peek at stunning kit featuring Happy Panda Noodles, which will certainly add fantastic flair to your table.

Sleek Sports Cars & The Tough Gaucho From Antenocitis Workshop


Antenocitis Workshop have three new vehicles for you to take to the streets of a Sci-Fi world with. The chances of there being an racing game made up using these vehicles are growing and I think that would be bloomin’ awesome…

See More Of The Vehicles In Antenocitis’ Sci-Fi Garage


Antenocitis Workshop have been working on a whole bunch of fantastic vehicles which would make wonderful window dressing for a range of Sci-Fi tables and indeed more specifically those from the Infinity world…

Antenociti’s Workshop Preview The Sci-Fi City Hopper


Antenociti’s Workshop have previewed another of their vehicles coming in 2016, the City Hopper. If you’re looking to travel in style around the city then this might provide you with the best level of comfort…

Antenocitis Announce Plans To Kickstart Pizza Trucks


Antenocitis Workshop have almost finished with their models for their recent Kickstarter and have started looking to the future, which could include a Kickstarter to bring the world of Infinity some delicious pizza.

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet


Check Out The New Antenocitis Rides From Tucuxi Designed For Infinity


If you’re going to be taking to the streets in Infinity then you’re going to need one hell of a hot Sci-Fi ride. See what you think of these new vehicles by the Tucuxi Company distributed by Antenocitis Workshop for your gaming tables…

Antenocitis Fire Up A Revamped Command Desk For Infinity


Antenocitis Workshop continue to supply terrain towards their Designed For Infinity range with a revamped Command Desk which you could put inside any number of their structures as a key objective during your games…

Go From Badlands To Tundra With Antenocitis’ Bases


Antenocitis have a range of new base sizes available for use with Infinity. Both the Badlands and Snow & Ice are now part of the Designed For Infinity range with sizes ranging from 25mm up to 55mm…

Antenocitis Workshop Fly High With 15mm Azure Dragon


A 15mm Troop Carrier is coming to Kickstarter soon via Antenocitis Workshop. While it was previously known as the Azure Dragon it will be remained the Krokodil for this scaled down version…

Revamped Corporate Containers Stack Up From Antenocitis


Antenocitis Workshop decided to go back to the drawing board with some of their terrain. These new Corporate Containers below are their way of making things look a bit different when it comes to the average ‘shipping container’ whilst also allowing you to stack them like normal…