Antenocitis Get You Kitted Out With Infinity Terrain & Gaming Aids

March 11, 2015 by brennon

Antenocitis Workshop have gone all out this month when it comes to Infinity. Not only have they got some really cool terrain packs for Access Terminals, Armoured Doors, and System Pads but they've even got into the transportation market with Motorbikes and Mag-Bikes!

Access Terminal

Armoured Door

System Pads

The above terrain based components would be awesome for adding to your existing crop of buildings and such and when painted up individually could even be moved around if you so wished, just using a bit of tac to keep them adhered to the surfaces you needed them for.

The Access Terminals and System Pads in particular would be perfect for objectives on the tabletop and maybe even traps or hazards if you so wished. I could see some explosives being planted in an unassuming Access Terminal.


Mag Bikes

Talking of terrain there are also the aforementioned Motorbikes and Mag-Bikes that you can use to adorn the streets of your Infinity tabletop. Not only do you have what's effectively scatter cover but also a way to change up your board every so often. I think I must have explosions on the mind because how about if these take too many shots they explode too?

Silhouette Box Set

Silhouette Set

Silhouette Storage Box

The three sets above have also been added to their webstore as the Silhouette Boxed Set, Silhouette Set and Silhouette Box for keeping it all in. Effectively if you're looking for a whole bunch of templates that you could even have a go at painting up in your own style (and so you can tell them apart from other peoples) then this could be the set for you.

What do you make of all the new kit?

"Not only do you have what’s effectively scatter cover but also a way to change up your board every so often..."

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