Antenocitis Send You To Sci-Fi Concept Art Heaven

July 5, 2013 by brennon

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We showed you some fantastic artwork from Antenocitis a day or so ago and now they are gracing us with more. Check out both the UKS SAS and Mechanised Infantry concept pieces below...

Antenocitis Concepts #1

Antenocitis Concepts #2

Antenocitis Concepts #3

These pieces are absolutely amazing and really bring a new level of awesome to the entire forthcoming range. I reckon that Antenocitis should team up with Bungie (the video game developers) and make a Destiny tabletop game. If they don't then this is pretty close!

Antenocitis Concepts #4

Antenocitis Concepts #5

Antenocitis Concepts #6

As well as the fantasy on-foot soldiers you also have their Mechanised Infantry pieces that included everything from robots to mechs. I say that it reminds me of Destiny but it also gives me a twinge of realisation about the latest Metal Gear Solid games too.

Antenocitis Concepts #7

Mechanised Infantry Desert

Mechanised Infantry Yellowulf

Honestly if the actual miniatures for these look as good as the artwork I don't think there's going to be a single hobbyist who can stop the shiny syndrome from taking over. It's almost enough to stop there and let you just absorb how awesome these look!

Are you as blown away as me?

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