Antenocitis Workshop Build More Of The Urban Jungle For Infinity

June 15, 2015 by brennon

Antenocitis Workshop have put together another grand collection of terrain for you to use in your games of Infinity. It's all well and good having grand buildings but this kind of terrain helps provide a bit of life to your tabletop. It also makes good cover!

"Would You Like To Know More?"

The first pieces of terrain to show are off are these Information Terminals that are made with high quality photo-print screens giving you a heads up on what's going on in the city. I can imagine this is a perfect excuse to do some hacking...

Information Terminals

I might not have painted them in such a pastel shade but I think they are good either way. It's nice that it comes with the screens so you don't have to paint a display!

Sleeping Or Biking?

As well as this objective focused terrain we also have some more blocking terrain from Antenocitis but all of it has a story to it. See what you make of the Sleepbox and Bike Stand terrain...


Bike-Stand & Bench

The Sleepbox is exactly what it says on the tin. These boxes are placed around crowded commuter areas like Airports and Stations so that two people can have a nice kip in safety if their train is running late. They are also nice and solid providing some good cover.

The Bike Stand and Bench are slightly more open by comparison and I'm sure an enterprising sniper would be able to pick out his target through the windows. They help give some nice clutter to a street which is nice.


The range of vehicles grows as well. For the four wheeled option they have Eco Cars, the Anomala Beetle. If you prefer ONE wheel (yes one) then you can use the Tucuxi Race Wheel that certainly seems hard to drive...

Anomala Cars

Race Wheels

Overall we've got an awesome selection of new terrain pieces for Infinity and they help build the world AND look nice.

What do you think you'd pick up first?

"I'm sure an enterprising sniper would be able to pick out his target through the windows..."

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