Antenocitis Workshop Set Up The Spider Turret Defences

June 13, 2013 by brennon

If you're looking for a way to defend your Sci-Fi outpost then look out for the Spider Turrets from Antenocitis Workshop. They are made to work with both 15mm and 28mm as you'll see below...

15mm & 28mm Spider Turret

15mm & 28mm Spider Turret Scale Comparison

It has a nice sleek quality to it that would make it awesome for use within a game like Infinity. For 28mm scale it works as a rather large turret and in 15mm its a gigantic piece of kit.

The turret has a little bit of the Ghost in the Shell about it and it would be neat to see some extra armament options for it in the future. A few of these set up across the board would make for an ace series of objectives you had to hack, turning them on your foe.

Will you be getting one?

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