Antenocitis Workshop’s Forward Base Kickstarter Going Well!

November 24, 2014 by brennon

Antenocitis Workshop had previewed this over the last month or so and last week the Kickstarter took off for the very impressive Forward Base designed for Infinity. Now they've bust their original goal to pieces and have powered on to over a whopping £65,000!

Forward Base Painted

The Forward Base is meant to represent a themed battlefield, not just a random scattering of whatever you have in the gaming den. There's nothing better than having a nice coherent board to play on, especially for something like Infinity where the narrative is the driving force behind a lot of your games.

The fictional production company behind these buildings, designed to be used on distant worlds filled with alien life, is Phoenix Industries. However you won't just see all those logos spread over everything as they have designed a whole host of subsidiary companies under the Phoenix flag that will adorn your buildings and other pieces of terrain to tell a real story of who and what is coming to these planets.

But enough of that, the pledges are what you want to see right?

Home Alone

First Base


Each of the various pledge levels starts you off on your story. If you're just looking for a small base then you can go for something like 'Home Alone' although if you fancy adding a bit more terrain and habitable accommodation and workspace to the table you can take it even further...

Work For All


Forward Base

If you're really looking to settle down then these pledge levels might be more up your alley. It not only comes with a selection of habitation areas but also things like a Power Generator/Helipad alongside things like great big garage too. One of the big things is the way in which you'll not only be able to play outside this terrain but inside it with plenty of lovely looking interiors as well as exteriors.

It's Life Jim

On The Move


As well as the buildings the folks at Antenocitis Workshop are also dropping a whole bunch of scatter terrain on you too including crates, barricades, natural vegetation and they're even working on some vehicles too!

Overall if you're interested in this kind of Sci-Fi terrain that we previewed on a Weekender not long ago you'll want to jump in on this one we feel. With Infinity N3 on the way as well it could be perfect for a full on Infinity experience with the new edition.

On top of being good for Infinity this kind of terrain would work just as well for a whole host of other Sci-Fi games including something like Afterlife from Anvil Industry wouldn't you say?

Check out the video at the top of this piece too as it shows off a whole 4x4 table covered in their terrain.

What do you think of the offerings?

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