Bring The Rain With Antenocitis’ Krokodil – 224 Gun Ship

July 3, 2013 by brennon

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Antenocitis are bringing the rain once again with their latest vehicle getting built in the workshop right now. Check out the Krokodil - 224 Gunship below, a craft covered in weapons...

Krokodil – 224

This massive craft is going to be available in both 15mm and 28mm later in the year and I can already see the drool leaking out of the corners of your mouth. It reminds me a lot of the flying craft from Half Life but with a sleeker and more alien design to it.

Imagine you worked this into your games of Warpath or Infinity? It would look so insanely impressive you'd have to come up with some rules for it. I think a strafing run across a section of the board would be more than awesome.

Will this be on your wish list?

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