Write-Off Your Car With Antenocitis’ New Ruined Terrain

June 21, 2017 by brennon

Antenocitis' Workshop has added some neat new terrain pieces to their collection with four Ruined Cars which can be used to adorn your city streets and show a wartorn landscape. Maybe you just like making dioramas about insurance claims?

Lamppost Wrap

Each of the pieces is a resin terrain pack which gives you a vehicle, ravaged by some unfortunate accident or other, in 28/32mm wargaming scale.

Fender Bender

Bricked Merc

The immediate thought with this selection is that it would be great for all of your post-apocalyptic survival games on the tabletop. A few of these dotted around a cityscape in Walking Dead: All Out War, for example, would be great.


I particularly like the one above, the Flipped Card. I think it would be a neat one to throw into the mix when you're doing your superhero adventures on the tabletop. You just know it will be a tempting target for one hero to throw at another.

Do you like these terrain pieces?

"Maybe you just like making dioramas about insurance claims?"

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