Two New Sculpts For the ShadowSea’s Draconids

January 4, 2015 by deltagamegirl22


Antimatter Games has been had at work on the sculpts for their Draconid starter set for ShadowSea. The scaley goodness in these sculpts is really quite remarkable.

SS Ridgeback

SS Ridgeback2

First we have Ridgeback Lizardman Spine Breaker, the leader for the Draconid Starter Set. How could you not take him seriously with a weapon like that?!

SS Kathkusa

SS Kathkusa2

Then we have Kathkusa, the Draconid Sage. Not only does he have very cool wings, but he also has his own, separate helmet! And here I thought he looked cool as he was- but that helmet looks good on him!!!

SS Kathkusa3

What do you think of these scaley additions for the Draconids?

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