Draconids are Lurking in the Underground World of Shadow Sea

August 3, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

AntiMatter Games are getting ready to launch a new Kickstarter with miniatures for the Draconid Legion. This Rise of the Draconids Kickstarter will consist of a force of lizardmen, dragon-men, and other scaly beings to add to their game, ShadowSea, Conquest of the Underground World.


Here's a look at the background from AntiMatter on their new legion:

Deep in the heart of the underground realm of ShadowSea, the Draconid Legion has been steadily growing in number and in strength. Explorers to the deep caverns have said that these reptilian demons were similar in appearance to dragons of legend, armored in heavy scales with some winged and able to attack from the skies, while others walking upon two legs in a horrible mockery of humanity. All of them showed cunning and the ability to communicate, though the largest seemed to posses much more intelligence, learning advanced techniques for designing metal weapons of war from human adventurers that they captured and interrogated in horrific ways. They have also unearthed ancient artifacts and learned many of the secrets of the ethers.


If you are a fan of ShadowSea or Deepwars, and you fancy dragons and lizards, then this will be a Kickstarter for you. They do a great job of offering their full lines within their points system for Kickstarter pledges, so it will be a great way to pick up those couple of pieces you were eyeing and perhaps didn't get on your previous go around.

Draconid legion

Care to add more scaly beings to your tabletop?

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