Antimatter Games Grow Some Mushrooms For Deep Wars

May 2, 2016 by brennon

Antimatter Games have crafted some big ol' Fungal Forest terrain pieces for Deep Wars and of course any kind of magical woodland you want to make on your tabletop...

Mushroom Terrain

I think these are looking really good and continue to expand on the range of original material we're seeing from Antimatter. They make some 'different' miniatures and provide plenty of ideas for interesting new tabletops.

Mushroom Terrain (Scale)

I think while these would be great for Deep Wars (of course) you could find another place for these on a Fantasy tabletop in the middle of an Orc forest. Maybe you could have these dotted around showing off the unusual landscape of their homeland.

It could also make a great Goblin Cave!

What do you think?

"It could also make a great Goblin Cave!"

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