New ShadowSea Faction Hits Kickstarter from Antimatter!

July 9, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

A company that caught my eye at Adepticon was Antimatter Games with their Deepwars game. Now their other game ShadowSea has been trying to "surface" and they have now announced a mini Kickstarter campaign to help fund their new faction set called the "The Good, the Bad, and the Scaly" .

In this set there will be: Chimalma, Adventurer of Legend  "The Good".


The Bad: Clal-Chk Adventurer.


And the Scaly: Snakemen of Stygia


This mini Kickstarter has a lot of stretch goals and rewards posted. So if you are like me and have been wanting to get into DeepWars they have what appears to be their entire line available to choose from as a reward.


This Kickstarter is running for 17 more days as of this article and have reached about 20% of their funding goal. I hope they can generate enough interest to make this successful.

I am diving in, will you be joining me?

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