Anvil Industry Finish Some Awesome Vanguard Pledge Miniatures!

June 28, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry have not only posted up some awesome images of their finished Goliath Mechs but also the resulting finished product for those of you who pledged at the Vanguard level during their Afterlife Kickstarter...

Afterlife Vanguard Pack

Goliath Mech

Some great looking figures and all but Ellion Hesp are going to be available at retail in the next few months so you have some really fun things to look forward to if you picked up some of their already brilliant range. I have some of their Unity Council Marine sand Republic Grenadier soldiers and they are sublime.

A special big nod has to go to those Goliath Mechs who have turned out amazingly well and I think would be at home on a lot of peoples tabletops. If you're not wowed by them then I think you've lost the shiny syndrome bug!

What do you think?

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