Anvil Industry Plant Down Their Support Weapons For Afterlife

September 24, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry are heading back to Kickstarter soon with Afterlife and one of their latest previews shows off one of the Unity Council's Support Weapons, the rather cool looking Automatic Grenade Launcher. Those are three of the most awesome words in the English language...

Unity Council Support Weapon (Automatic Grenade Launcher)

This beast of a machine sits comfortably on a 40mm base and is just one of many support weapons that will be arriving for both factions in Afterlife going forward. I like that it comes with the tracks to get it into place and then it deploys those struts to anchor it afterwards. It's what I'd imagine modern military technology to be when it came to turrets.

What I'm interested in however is being able to use these for my own game I've been dreaming up using the Anvil range. I've been wondering what would work best for machine guns teams and the like basing it on Bolt Action and this would certainly work to fill the gap. The mechs we've been seeing however then become the tanks and vehicles!

Have you been following the progress on Afterlife?

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