Help Anvil Industry Rename Their Steam Lords

January 26, 2013 by brennon

Anvil Industry are looking for a new name that will represent their 'Steam Lords', one of which you can see below...

Steam Lord

This was their original name, but the company is now looking to change it up and give them a new lease of life. Here is the background text that they posted on their Facebook Page to help you with the naming process...

"Sometime in the late 23rd century, Earth is in a state of total war, competing factions battle fiercely for scarce remaining material resources and control of enclosed mega cities which offer some protection from the harsh external environment.

Over the past centuries weapons of unimaginable power have been developed and used with terrifying consequences, but infantry remain the only effective way to take an hold an objective.

In this apocalyptic battle field, a new kind of soldier was needed - all sides in the conflict threw vast resources into the development of prototype post-human warriors which came to be known as ********. Genetically modified, chemically enhanced and hard wired in to mechanized armour, they are faster and stronger than normal soldiers, and able to shrug off virtually all small arms fire.

They are deployed as Shock Troops on both sides of this global conflict, commonly in areas where traditional armour cannot be deployed or fight effectively.

Though the principles of enhanced human performance coupled with mechanised armour were universally applied, the exact methods and technologies vary enormously, so there is no set pattern of development and combat performance, lifespan and physical/armour appearance varies enormously between ******* from different factions and places of manufacture.

The significant resources needed to construct and maintain ***** make them relatively rare, but their deployment can turn the tide of a battle in minutes."

Now your job fellow wargamers is coming up with something to fill those gaps in the text! If you feel like entering and lending a hand then you can head over to their Facebook Page and leave a comment on the relevant post.

What name would you go with?

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