Anvil Industry’s Pumpkin Marines Head To War!

November 21, 2012 by brennon

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We showed you a preview of these heads a week or so ago, but now they are ready for release from Anvil Industry. Check out the Pumpkin Heads for your Sci-Fi soldiers below...

Pumpkin HeadsYou don't get the bodies in the set but each of the heads shown here is part of the set. Some of them are blank, others are simple carved ones. The best are those proper helmets though, the ones shown mounted atop the existing Anvil torsos.

Robed LegsThey also have this set of Robed Legs for your more devote Sci-Fi warriors. I have always liked robes and tabards on Sci-Fi miniatures, keeping them planted in a medieval style. They look well sculpted and with a lot of space to go to town on the details, maybe a little free hand?

Will you be picking either of these sets up?

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