Anvil Show Off Resin Prototypes For Afterlife Kickstarter

October 17, 2014 by brennon

With less than ten days to go Anvil Industry have shown off some of the resin prototypes to go along with their Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty Kickstarter. See what you think...

War Drones & Ellenor Renard

We'll start off with some of the coolest looking pieces of tech that are the War Drones you can see here flanking Ellenor Renard, one of the character models from the range. Actually seeing the miniatures in the 'flesh' should hopefully dismiss some of the misgivings as to the squat nature of some of the renders. They all look nicely proportioned to me!

Natalya Federici and Lucretia Chang

Lena Petrova

Next up we have both Natalya Federici and Lucretia Chang above followed by Lena Petrova below. The first two will be part of the cool Assassination Pack add-on for the game while Lena is an Electronics Specialist (as you might have guessed from her augmentations) and there's no system she can't hack.

War Drone & Ajax Exo Mech

Last but not least we have another of the War Drones but this time it's alongside the Ajax Exo Mech that is just amazing looking. If you wanted the Spartan-come-Halo feel then there it is embodied in one sculpt.

Some great looking miniatures!

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