Anvil’s Afterlife Kickstarter Coming Back October 1st 2014!

September 20, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industries have put together a cool new website for Afterlife Volumes which will form the basis for the narrative and game rules of their game which uses some of the miniatures we've been looking at after the past few months...

Afterlife Character

Shard of Liberty Kickstarter

The miniature that we've seen over the past few months are awesome and I'm a big fan of their basic infantry. I bought two packs of them at Salute this year and I have enjoyed putting them together and painting them. Warren's even used them for his Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40,000!

Here's some more information...

"AFTERLIFE is the new 28mm Sci-Fi Wargame from Anvil Industry, featuring a brand new rules set, an expanding range of high quality miniatures and narrative gaming scenarios allowing you to recreate the battle for Earth on your tabletop!

The Shards of Liberty is just the first planned volume of AFTERLIFE. New Volumes will expand the game with lots more factions, miniatures and scenarios, as well as advancing the narrative story with new artwork and background material.
Each volume will be a standalone game, but will be fully compatible with other Volumes and the entire miniatures range as it expands.

You will also be able to pick and choose Units and characters from the entire range to create your own unique playable faction, so you can tell your own story in the AFTERLIFE universe!" let's keep an eye out for the October 1st launch and see what new miniatures and rules they have in store!

Keep an eye on this one!

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