Anvil Industry’s Afterlife Kickstarter Live Now! [Update]

October 1, 2014 by brennon

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Anvil Industry are hyping themselves up for another Kickstarter campaign to begin later today so make sure to keep an eye on this post for when it goes live. In the mean time check out some more renders...

Update: Check out what's coming with this new Kickstarter!

Shard Recon

Shard Strike

"AFTERLIFE Volume One: The Shards of Liberty charts the first major battles in the AFTERLIFE Narrative, following three elite Republic strike teams as they launch a surprise attack into the heart of Unity Council territory."

Some very cool new models (click to view them better) and a real push towards there being a proper game too! The game will feature regular armies of around 30 to 50 miniatures per side and uses a D10 dice system with alternating activation (woot!). The miniatures do look very awesome indeed and since I've had my hands on a few of them in the past I can speak to their quality.

As I mentioned earlier (and below) I love the look of the character models they are using for the game and it will be awesome to see where they go with these heroes. Now to finish painting my own Unity Council Marines!

Ellenor Renard

Republic Trooper

Pulse-Mech Suit

As well as the new troopers with plenty of new weapons and armour that looks brilliant near-future and realistic I think the addition of more characters to their world as generals is the real boon of this upcoming Kickstarter. Ellenor Renard at the top of the page here looks great and she's one of the exclusive pieces so if you want her you'll have to be quick off the mark I reckon.

I love how the Pulse-Mech suit turned out; really taking on the qualities of something like Mjolnir armour from Halo and the Nanosuits from Crysis like I mentioned in the last post about it.

We should be in for quite a treat with this one!

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