Anvil’s Unity Marines Get Kitted In Exo-Suits For Afterlife

July 11, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry have some more cool miniatures to show off for their Afterlife line and this time its the Unity Council that are getting some new technology. See what you think of these troopers wearing new 'Tracer' Exo-Mech Armour...

Unity Marines with Tracer Exo-Mech Armour

If you're a fan of Elysium or indeed seen the images of the new Call of Duty game then you'll be familiar with these kind of mech suits for helping soldiers carry heavier loads like that rather awesome weapon the Unity Trooper has there. Once again I do love pretty much anything they do and these are no exception. A perfect way to bulk up a great sci-fi army.

Do you like the look of these exo-mech suits?

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