Characters & Heavy Weaponry For Anvil’s Afterlife Range

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Anvil Industry's have released two more kits for their Afterlife range of miniatures. Both Senator Vargo and the Commander & Missile Launcher Team are from the Republic side of the conflict - the better looking side in my opinion. Up the Republic!

Senator Vargo Federici

Senator Vargo is quite the cool looking character and could easily be the main bad guy in any number of Hollywood films couldn't he...

"To hundreds of millions across the globe, Senator Vargo Federici is a liberator, a visionary, a humanitarian. Behind closed doors, however, he is still the same ruthless businessman that once sat on the Unity Council, and now seeks to overthrow it to ensure the revival of democracy and the return of free trade. When proof of the Unity Councils regime of oppression and cruelty was revealed, Federici was quick to defect, helping to establish the Pan-Continental Republic and becoming its first elected Senator. Now he plots the end of the Unity Congress once and for all – only by stamping out the ​old regime can mankind move forward, with Federici and the Radoni Corp at its head."

...however he is quite the liberator in actual fact!

Republic Grenadier Specialists - Commander and Missile Launcher

Backing him up on the battlefield are these two. In this set you get two specialists. One of them is the Commander who you can see decked out in all manner of kit. Accompanying him is the Missile Launcher squad member who will be taking down those rival battle suits no doubt.

One of the cool things about these kits - apart from the amazing detail - is that they come with all that battlefield debris on the sprues so you can decorate your bases!

Not a bad haul I'd say!

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