Mark Your Targets For The Anvil Master Sniper

June 26, 2013 by brennon

Anvil Industry are back with another new set of models for your Sci-Fi gaming. What do you make of this Master Sniper set that is ready to take down their target?

Black Ops Master Sniper Team

As you can see this is built upon the Black Ops style that you will have seen before on other miniatures within the Anvil line. The set comes with both the spotter and the sniper himself allowing you to make a deadly duo of long range destruction.

I wasn't that interested in the Anvil line to begin with but I think they have found their way with these Black Ops soldiers. The look and style of them is top notch and the sculpting is pretty up there too. I also like the amount of effort they put into their weapons rather than them being an afterthought.

A nice team that would be great for use on the battlefield or as part of a diorama. I could see them perched on a ridge ready to take the fatal shot on a target in the valley below.

What do you think?

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