Go Raiding with the Anvil Industry Aether Pirates

October 10, 2012 by brennon

Anvil Industry have a selection of new Aether Pirates looking for riches in the skies. Check out the full set of miniatures below, but all of them can be bought individually...

Anvil Industry - Aether Pirates

So if you're looking for a crew to man a piratical sky ship, or maybe just do some raiding in a steampunk world then these might fit the bill. I think my two favourites would have to be the Crewman with the helmet and the Captain in the top left. The other two seem a little spindly for my taste.

My immediate thought was go straight for them in a game of Gamma World. With the craziness that goes on in that role-playing game I could certainly see them fitting in.

Will you be press ganging any of this crew?

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