Special Characters & More For Anvil’s Afterlife Kickstarter!

October 13, 2014 by brennon

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Anvil Industry are working towards their last thirteen days on Kickstarter for Afterlife: The Shards of Liberty and they've released a few more renders of the upcoming miniatures for the game...

The Mechanic

Crane Heavy Infantry

The first renders to check out are those of The Mechanic, who is looking very strange indeed, and the Crane Heavy Infantry with their big guns and long trench coats. If you're looking for someone who has gone a bit too far when it comes to augmentations then this guy is the chap for you.

The Technician Add-Ons

Commando Snipers

Troops are coming out of the woodwork elsewhere too. Not only have they developed more on The Technicians for the Unity Council but the Republic are getting their hands on some rather high-tech looking snipers. I love those almost 'rail gun' style weapons they're using and they certainly look like they pack a punch. The Republic really are the coolest looking faction!

Idaho Yoshida

Ellenor Renard

In terms of special characters they've also added the rather awesome looking Idaho Yoshida and Ellenor Renard. I love that they're fleshing out the commanders of each force and adding a bit more character to the world as a whole. Idaho has the whole 'Neu-Samurai' thing going on while Ellenor is just one bad ass chick.

Do you think you'll jump on this Kickstarter?

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