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Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic – We have a new Champ?!


Aradia Miniatures Delve Into Hell With Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter


Aradia Miniatures has now taken to Kickstarter for a journey into Hell. They are going to be taking a literary and sculpting journey into The Divine Comedy with their selection of miniatures for Dante’s Inferno.

Hell Looks Good With Aradia’s New Inferno Previews


Coming May 5th the folks at Aradia Miniatures are going to be descending into Hell with their Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter project.

Aradia Miniatures Go To Hell With Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter In May


Aradia Miniatures has now announced the launch date of their Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter, bringing out a range of miniatures for collectors and painters to get stuck into based on the work of Dante Alighieri.

Mighty Ganesh Goes To War From Aradia Miniatures


Aradia Miniatures have put together a rather fantastic looking version of Ganesh who is ready for war with huge glaives at the ready. See what you think…

Weekender XLBS: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Strike On Kickstarter!


Phew it’s been quite a weekend.
With that in mind sit back and
relax with us as we chill for
The Weekender XLBS…

See What’s Brewing At Aradia Miniatures For Halloween


Aradia Miniatures has released some pictures of an incredible witch miniature just in time for Halloween.

Aradia Miniatures Green Knight Project Finds Krampus & Mawhi Too


See what it’s like to face two NEW fantastical creatures as part of the amazing IndieGoGo campaign from Aradia Miniatures for The Green Knight.

Make Aradia Miniatures’ Green Knight Project A Reality!


Ride out of myth and legend with the utterly fantastic Green Knight project from Aradia Miniatures showing off a stunning piece for painters and collectors.

Aradia Miniatures Crown A Goblin King


Aradia Miniatures have crowned themselves a new 54mm scale king of the goblins, reigning from his wooden thrown in the dark under ground.

Aradia Unleash The Hangman Berserker Into Battle


See what you think of a rather cool looking 60mm miniature coming out of Aradia! Is this Hangman going to be a perfect fit for your next painting project?