Aradia Unleash The Hangman Berserker Into Battle

September 9, 2014 by brennon

Aradia Miniatures have unleashed the mighty Hangman Berserker into battle from the shamanic forests of the North. Is this the kind of project you'd like to pick up and paint?

The Hangman - Berserker

This chap is quite the cool sculpt and stands at 60mm and is made of resin. While it won't be fitting into many of your tabletop games I think you've got the perfect excuse to try out some painting skills on something like this.

Berserker Alt #1

Berserker Alt #2

What I like about the miniature is that they've tied it into a human body but also used the different pieces of armour and clothing to give him a more demonic edge as well. You could almost see the helmet and other armour plates being fused to his flesh. That would be an interesting painting idea to try out. Oh and a big axe is always fun!

A painting project for you to try out?

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