See What’s Brewing At Aradia Miniatures For Halloween

October 27, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Aradia Miniatures has posted some previews of a WIP for a special miniatures just in time for Halloween. There is some art work and painting examples along with an example of some line art.

This witch at this time has two different iterations and they are asking for you to choose which one you prefer. As you can see she is whipping up some kind of evil brew in her cauldron. What is incredible about this miniatures is the scale or size she is, what do you think about 90mm!

Obviously, she is for those that are looking for a really nice piece to paint for their collection or maybe to even enter her into a painting convention for next year's season. Whatever the reason she would look awesome on anyone' painting table.

What do you think of collector's pieces?

"...she is whipping up some kind of evil brew in her cauldron."

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Supported by (Turn Off)