CMON Hints At Upcoming Arcadia Project – Masmorra

February 2, 2016 by stvitusdancern

CMON (Cool Mini or Not) was a little sly  in giving us a hint at their next project that will be coming to Kickstarter (they are non-stop Kickstarter machine!)

At the announcement on the XenoShyft: Dreadmire Kickstarter page declaring the campaign a success, there is a little blurb about their next project:

"Beneath the streets of the great city of Arcadia, far from the eyes of its citizens, lies the Masmorra, the magic dungeon created to train and test the brave heroes seeking to join the powerful guilds. But during the latest crisis to shake the city, the terrible wizard Malaphias took the dungeon by storm, turning it into his personal lair of doom.

In this dice-driven dungeon crawl board game, you must lead your hero down the levels of a dungeon chock full of dangers and surprises, in a race for fame and fortune against the other heroes."

Be on the lookout for more information later this month. Being one that loves dungeon crawlers, I probably will be jumping on this when it happens as CMON always does BIG Kickstarters! Oh how my bank account aches from Kickstarters, I wonder does anyone want to buy a kidney...

Will you be looking at picking this up?

"CMON (Cool Mini or Not) was a little sly in giving us a hint at their next project..."

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