CMON Launches Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia On Kickstarter

February 23, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Fans of the world of Arcadia Quest from CoolMiniOrNot, were undoubtedly excited about their latest Kickstarter that launched today- as evidenced by how quickly it funded!

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Masamorra: Dungeons of Arcadia transports the heroes of Arcadia into the Dungeons that lie beneath the world, where they embark on a fast paced, dice driven, dungeon delve. The heroes will face monsters, discover hidden rooms and with a little luck, find themselves some treasure!

CMON masamorra set up

Though this game functions within the world of Arcadia, it is a stand alone game where 2-5 players face off against one another by controlling a single hero. The dungeon is built with random tile placement that it drawn as players move into an unexplored room.

Dungeon tiles contain all sorts of suprises, such as monster spawns, gold stashes, deadly traps, healing fountains, dangerous chasms, teleportation gates, and even huge rooms filled with both terrifying foes and mesmerizing treasure!

When stairs are found, the Heroes can go even deeper into the dungeon, accessing a different set of even more challenging and rewarding dungeon tiles.

CMON masamorra minis

The monsters of this game are spawned and fight through the use of the special monster dice. There are two types of dice: one with normal monsters and another with more dangerous foes that will only appear in the second level of the dungeon. Each face of the dice shows a different monster, with its attack, defense, and XP value.

CMON masamorra monster dice

Each of the Heroes braving the Masmorra has their own unique starting ability, which they can use to perform special feats, or change Action Dice results in their own way. But more than that, each Hero has four other unique abilities they are able to unlock whenever they level up.

Each time a Hero gains enough XP, he chooses which of their ability cards to upgrade in order to unlock a new ability. That means the same Hero can evolve in different ways each game, offering different options to the player.

Unlocked abilities present several different ways in which Action Dice results and gold coins can be used to trigger all sorts of special effects!

CMON masamorra character cards

Though the heroes in the game do not directly fight one another, they are in the dungeon for themselves. This means that if your opponents aren't as lucky as you, or find themselves in monster troubles...well, that's their problem.

Players have the ability to play cards to make life more complicated for your opponent and offer you an advantage or two- but don't forget, they can (and likely will) do the same to you!

CMON masamorra KS exclusive mini

Since it is a Kickstarter, there has to be a Kickstarter Exclusive involved, and for this game, it's the exclusive hero, Quan. Quan is a very experienced warrior monk, using his inner energy to aid him in his journey.

With a surprise attack always at the ready, his natural ability allows him to turn any die into a Sword. As he gains experience, he'll be able to unlock lethal abilities like turning a Step into 2 Swords, or a Sword into two Bows!

Will you be venturing into the Dungeons of Arcadia?

"Each of the Heroes braving the Masmorra has their own unique starting ability, which they can use to perform special feats, or change Action Dice results in their own way..."

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