Arcane Factories Wind Up A Dragon Punch From Lao Zhong!

May 19, 2014 by brennon

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Arcane Factories, who are running an absolutely awesome looking Kickstarter at the moment, have shown off some more work-in-progress shots of their brilliant Lao Zhong the Dragon Monk! He's like something out of Dynasty Warriors this chap...

Lao Zhong the Dragon Monk #1

Lao Zhong the Dragon Monk #2

I like that the miniature has actually fused a bit of East and West. The miniature as a whole of course is very much inspired by the Far Eastern looking monk but the dragon heads appear more like Western interpretations of them. Personally I prefer this since I like that style of dragon a bit more.

What made me a little bit excited is thinking about exactly how this is going to be painted up. Imagine how amazing the blending is going to look as they go from the flesh of Lao Zhong to the mystical dragon heads that have replaced his fists. I think painting them in some kind of glowing ethereal way would be ace.

The campaign itself is very close to its target and I don't imagine they will have much trouble pushing onwards and getting this done. If you'd like to see their second Developer Diary I've also dropped that into the post above!

What do you think?

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