Arcane Factories Season One Kickstarter Ending Soon!

May 30, 2014 by brennon

Arcane Factories have been running their Season One Kickstarter and it's coming to a close in four days time. That's still plenty of time for you to head over and pledge for some of their awesome looking miniatures and push them on towards $20,000 and $25,000 to unlock some mammoth looking constructs...

Countess Carmilla

Angel of Death

Before that however I have to show off these rather creepy individuals. Firstly we have the seductive looking Countess Carmilla wearing spikes and owning it. Below her is the almost Kingdom Death style horror that is the Angel of Death. You can see more of this creation in the concept art here...

Angel of Death (Art)

...but I promised more big creations didn't I? Ah yes, well here they are. See what you think of the Redemption Engine and Vampire Guardian that will be unlocked if they push their pledges up and unlock those next stretch goals.

Redemption Engine

Vampire Guardian

I would very much like those. The Redemption Engine makes me think of what a Gundam would look like if it went all fantastical and badass. I love how huge that thing would look on the table. Following on from him we have the Vampire Guardian who could easily be at home within the world of Dark Souls. It pays to have some muscle to guard you while you're sleeping that eternal slumber.

Scale Comparisons

Painted Figures

Of course there are still their other figures that are going to be available from the off through the Kickstarter. You can see their Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk ladies above alongside a size comparison to show how they work against existing miniatures.

These guys have some really cool plans and it would be great to see them get a bit extra as the Kickstarter winds down so we can see those awesome constructs become a reality!

What do you think folks?

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