Promo Packs Arriving For Aspiring Mages of Mage Wars!

January 16, 2015 by stvitusdancern

MW promo6

Arcane Wonders is very excited to announce that their long awaited promo packs for Mage Wars are finally here and will be available through their store next week! The beauty of Mage Wars is having total control over the spells that you choose to keep in your spell book to bring into games. And what could possibly be better than producing a few unique cards?

MW promo2

The 2 promo packs that will be offered have pretty cool components. Promo pack 1 is the larger of the 2 and offers several known cards with alternate artwork, where Promo pack 2 has only 5 cards, but they are all unique.

MW promo1

MW promo8

Promo Pack 1 includes:

1 x Altar of the Iron Guard
1 x Bear Strength (alternate art)
1 x Bloodwave Greatbow
1 x Debilitate
1 x Gravikor
1 x Holy Strike
1 x Kumanjaren Leopard
2 x Leviathan Scale Armor
1 x Plagued
1 x Selesius (alternate art)
1 x Victorian Griffin
1 x Ring of Healing
1 x Spiked Armor
1 x Storm Drake Hide (alternate art)
4 x Teleport (alternate art)
1 x Temple High Guard

Promo Pack 2 includes:

1 x Spiked Buckler
1 x Fire Elemental
1 x Sunfire Burst
1 x Leather Belt
1 x Raincloud

Will your Mage be producing this unique spells?

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