Cryptozoic Take Us to the Danger Zone of Archer’s Board Game

July 21, 2014 by dracs

Archer is one of those series that I keep meaning to watch and never getting round to checking it out, but now I might just find the motivation to give it a watch as Cryptozoic release their board game based on the show; Archer: The Danger Zone.

Archer the Danger Zone

The game is described as "a high-stakes game of espionage and screwing over your co-workers," which involves you trading insults and attempting to carry out your missions in order to gain the Upper Hand. Each player starts with five Upper Hand points and the first to get twenty will win the game.

The game itself can be played by up to eight players, making this a good one to pick up if you have a large gaming group. Now licensed board games have a somewhat mixed reputation. Some of them are superb, such as Spartacus, and others are cash grabs, like many of the endless array of Hobbit games. We'll have to give this one a go to find out how it holds up.

Are you a fan of Archer? Do you think this game could live up to the show?

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